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About Minaye Packaging

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
To be a leading, preferred, Independent and all-Inclusive quality Packaging Solutions Provider in Ethiopia by 2024.
  1. To become a preferred supplier through providing all-inclusive quality packaging solutions at a competitive price & reliable service that exceed customers’ expectations.
  2. To contribute to the country’s economic growth and increase shareholders’ equity by supporting the industrialization process, creating job opportunities and committing to our corporate social responsibility.
  3. To become a preferred employer that create conducive work environment and continuously enhances employees’ knowledge, skill and attitude.
  • - Employee satisfaction
  • &
  • Customer focused

  • - Leadership
  • &
  • Ethics

  • - Innovation & Continuous Improvement

  • - Team Work
  • &
  • Quality

  • - Social & Environmental Sustainability

  • - Responsibility & Acountability

Our Products

Whether you are looking for archive storage boxes, wrapping material for your furniture , carton boxes for your organization or are in a specific industry, we have the right product for you. We can also help you decide what best product fits your needs, printing or design specific unique products for your organization.

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Our Process

Although our production is partially automated, these vital steps are undertaken carefully with experienced professionals to provide maximum quality.

  • icon Production
  • icon Design
  • icon End Product


We produce these plain cartons with such a great quality, before we

create the different designs that are suitable for various packaging types.


Our efficient machines are always ready to create the desirable designs for the various types of packing. With the help of our skillful professionals, this will be done in as much errorless way as possible.

End Product

Our packaging products are strong, reliable and long lasting. These products are tested in many environments and stand out to be one of the strongest.

Our Customers

We serve a growing client base of small, medium and large companies with high quality packaging. Here are some of them.

Contact us

You can leave your comment below for any additional informations or questions, and use also the address to contact us.

Minaye Packaging PLC

Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
P.O. Box : 11048
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +251 113 54 0242/3

Fax: +251 113 54 0347

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